Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bhagamane Photo

Started quite early from {Cisco - Vrindavan Tech Village} 17:30 hours to click a shots of Bhagamane Tech park on the 2nd September 2009. The idea was to capture the Reflections of Bhagamene Tech park from the lake facing it.. Inspired by Jatin who had already successfully taken it

Ambika Prasad accompanied me who liked the idea; moreover his wife was out of station, being lonely he was desperately seeking some company :).
From 2009-09-02 - Bhagamane Tech Park

Beating the Traffic and reaching the premise took close to any hour. We inspected the premise for a while to figure out the best possible angle.. I could take good horizontal reflections, however had trouble taking vertical oriented pictures as I wasn't carrying the Tripod/Monopod; had to take support from the barricades of the lake.
From 2009-09-02 - Bhagamane Tech Park

I totally clicked around 30 snaps at various Aperture settings. 50% of the resulting images were pretty bad due to bad exposures & camera shake. Here are 2 of the better ones I managed to take.

Note that the Sky is natural and not post processing effect :)

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