Monday, May 30, 2011

Boot Critical File E:\CI.dll is corrupt

If you see this Error after an auto update of Windows 7 x64 over a Dell XPS i7 Sandybridge...

Just do this to fix up:

1. After boot and a failed recovery chose to roll back changes to a previous one, choose a restore point, if the restoration fails, do not worry its just that a 100% recovery failed, ignore and reboot[Google to figure out how]
2. Download windows SP1 from Microsoft Website [Offline installer] - close to 1 GB
3. Disable all power saving features to prevent Laptop entering Sleep mode.
4. Run the SP1 installer, it really takes 1+ hours be patient.

It took me 36 hours to figure this out the hard way.
Hope this helps

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Blogger Sandeep.K.B said...

Why did you installed SP1 when IT has clearly sent a mail not to install.

1:09 pm  

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